Saturday, January 31, 2009

Need to borrow a couple of dozen cups of sugar?

I think I'll start this blog off by demonstrating where the 'clueless' in 'The Clueless Gourmet' comes from.  

I rarely bake.  The oven in my apartment cooks majorly unevenly, and I gave up on trying long ago.  Only once in a while does something come out as passable, so I avoid wasting my time and money whenever possible.  

However, occasionally there comes a time when I can't avoid it.  I'm forced to bake and hope for the best.  This is one such time.  I have to participate in a bakesale on Tuesday.  Being the scatterbrained busy-bee that I am, I didn't think to check what ingredients I already had for the recipes I plan to make.  The grocery store isn't nearby, so I can't just come home and see what I'm out of and go back and get it.  I had to get it all before I came home last night.  

As I was going down my list of ingredients in the grocery store last night, I found that the only one I was sure I had at home was butter.  It's been so long since I've baked, I didn't have any clue if I even had enough sugar! 

So I bought some.  And some flour.  And some baking powder.  Baking soda.  Brown sugar.  Shortening. And a slew of other ingredients.  

I get home and begin to put it away and find that I already had . . . 

. . . sugar.  Flour.  Baking powder.  Baking Soda.  Brown sugar.  Some of them I had multiple packages of that had never been opened.  

Ok, it's obviously time to clean out the cupboards!  In doing so, I found multiples of other things I'd bought previously, not knowing I'd already had them.  Cocoa powder.  Honey.  Hershey's Syrup.  Croutons.  Italian seasoned bread crumbs.  Various spices.  More pasta than I know what to do with.  

I guess I should get to cooking and baking, eh? 

I'll write a proper introduction later.  For now . . . Hi, my name is Corry, and I'm clueless! 

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